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By: leelefever on December 1, 2006 - 5:39am

After spending some quality time with the family and eating our weight in southern home cookin', we are about to depart for the final leg of our journey.  This afternoon we pick up our rental car and head west toward Seattle (actually only slightly west to Atlanta for now).

Home here in North Carolina is certainly an authentic slice of Americana, but being where I'm from, it's just home.  However, on the road trip over the next 2 weeks, we will be on the lookout for those things that seem to be uniquely American for us. For example, one of the most striking things has been the sheer size of everything.  People, voices, homes, yards, vehicles, portions, TVs, everything. It all seems so, um, big. 

Thanks too for the folks who have welcomed us back stateside with warm emails.  It is indeed nice to be back in the US and speaking complete sentences again. I had a dream last night about our dog Amos who will be on the top of our minds all the way across and possibly causing a mad dash to the finish line at the very end.

Our route very basic will go something like:  Atlanta --> Dallas --> Grand Canyon --> Las Vegas --> LA -->San Francisco-->Home.

cuggie's picture
By: cuggie on December 6, 2006 - 6:34am

I am glad you made it back safe and sound after your adventure, but now where will I get my daily dose of travel excitement??? Seriously, I can hear the  happiness in your writing about getting back to your own place in this World.  

Good Luck; Hope you  take another trip someday.


PS: thanks for the "Twitter thingie. "